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maya @ finding balance in tokyo

daaaww... that last photo is absolutely adorable!

Good luck adjusting to blogging as a mom. :D


I look forward to the fashion show! I never had enough boobage to pull it off, but if you can position the baby just right in the sling, they can have the boob and you can have hands free. It might be easier with an upright carrier such as the Moby wrap. But yeah, someone needs to come up with easy, nutritious one-handed meals.


so cute!


look at him, plumping up! obviously, that nursing all the time is working! :D


hehe yes! typing with 1 hand and nursing with the other becomes an art form! It's funny how loading pics on to the comp and posting them is easier than typing...yet a picture is worth 1000 words :D.

Hes a little stud!


Wow, wow, wow! He is GORGEOUS!! A daily fashion show will be great, thanks :)

Carol-Anne Conway

Just this very morning I was wondering how you all are doing. I can see that you are doing handsomely :-) How cool does Shuma look in his shades?


Oh my gosh, he is sooooo cute!!! I look forward to the fashion show.


Quelle classe!!!!!Vraiement Shuma est top fashion....


He's so adorable! I'm glad you haven't completely abandoned the blog now that you've got a baby, I would have missed your posts!


Aww and I can't stop laughing at the first picture. He's got model pout going on.


perfect for the youngest model, wow He looks cute, phone and big shades...why not? I rally love this pics

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